Use inhouse expertise to attract the best people.

Acquizify enables you to cherry pick top talent from your own automaticaly created pool. It attracts talent while you sleep using your inhouse knowledge as a magnet to reach the best potential employees.

Reduce time for resumes,
avoid bad hires.

Acquizify helps recruiters to conduct the assessment test before the job interview. Trial is free, no credit card needed.

  • You control the process.

  • Ongoing, instead of ad hoc.

  • Bad hires cost a lot.

Spend less time
going through CVs.

Create ongoing processes for attracting the right people continuously, so you can fill positions easily when needed.

Automation tool that helps recruiters to continuously collect contact data of potential employees.

Attract talent while you sleep.

If you prefer employing specialized people with specific skillset over wandering generalists who send CVs all around the place